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Vipassana and Meditation Floor Chairs

It’s very versatile, whether you want a comfortable floor chair as a floor lounge, meditation chair, yoga chair, reading chair, relaxing chair or TV floor chair, gaming chair for floor or ground seat for seminars, It’s impeccable for all.

You can easily carry it with you after folding it. You don’t need any assembling. Just open it, set your position, and start using it. You will get alternative levels that can be adjusted to meet your favorite needs and each level will serve you a specific feeling when seating in.

As we know, Meditation is a practice that anyone can participate in, you just need a calm space, your body, and your mind to start. But if you do meditation on floor, it’s painful so to easily solve the problem of back pain and supply a more comfortable seat, we have designed this floor chair. Either you want to do Vajrasana or Cross leg, this chair is comfy for all.

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