Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy
BTH reserves the right to cancel any orders.

i. If it suspects a fraudulent transaction, or
ii. If it suspects a customer has undertaken a transaction which is not in accordance with the
Terms of Use or
iii. For any reason outside the control of the BTH including causes for delivery related
logistical difficulties.

Cancellation policies applicable in the following conditions:

a) In case, the buyer cancels the order online before the product has been shipped, the entire
order amount will be refunded.
b) In case the item ordered has been shipped but has not yet been delivered to the buyer, the
order can still be cancelled online. Total order amount after deduction of shipment and
handling charges will be refunded. The refund will be processed, once Team receives the
originally ordered item back intact from the courier.
c) However, the order once delivered cannot be cancelled in any case.
d) In case of failed transactions or double realization of account for the same order, the total
deducted amount will be refunded.
f) In case of cancelled order/failed transactions, the bank/card transaction charges of the
buyer, if any, is likely to be forfeited
g) BTH offers no guarantees whatsoever for the accuracy or timeliness of the refunds in the
buyers card/account
h) In case of part cancellations, the amount refunded will be corresponding to the part

You can change your medical equipment usage order up to 24 hours before the agreed-upon delivery date. You can send us an email or phone us with the specifics of the change. Because of the alteration, the delivery time and date may change. If you change your order up to one day before delivery, you will be charged rent and deposit at the prices listed on the website at the time of purchasing. The rental agreement is non-transferable. As a client and contract party, you cannot move the Equipment from the original delivery address to another location. In the event of a change of address, please notify us two weeks before the move, and the action will only take place when the new address and amended address proof have been submitted.

It is not possible to cancel an order that has already been delivered. You can cancel your purchase for free up to 24 hours before the agreed-upon delivery date. You can cancel your order by contacting us by email or phone.

Only Equipment with severe defects or non-functionality will be returned. Such instances must be reported to our call center within 48 hours after the delivery. After this dated, no refunds will be given. Because no equipment will be returned if the Equipment provided meets the specifications listed on the website, you should double-check the specifications before placing your order. You may not be eligible for a return once the BTH Company delivery staff leaves your premises satisfied with your order.