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BTH Company Vipassana and Meditation Floor Chair with Cushion Back Support | Folding Floor Meditation Chair for Adults | Yoga Chair

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  • Better Posture with Meditation Chair Cushion Back Support – BTH Company Vipassana and Meditation Floor Chair with Cushion Back Support feature adjustable positions with an extra cushion of 2 inch. It helps to create up and down a level and also helps prevent back pain. You can easily find your preferred seating position and sit straight and focused while experiencing ultimate comfort with a healthy posture.
  • Portable, Foldable & Easy To Carry: You can easily fold up your meditation chair with back support and take it with you to travel to your next mediation class, session, or any other event. Even our foldable floor meditation chair folds down completely for easy storage.
  • Get Comfort With Extra Cushion – This extra wide adjustable floor chair backrest is made with a cushion to increase comfort in the seated area while doing cross-leg posture and vajrasana posture. Even, it also helps to stretch the legs after meditation. Meditation chairs can easily solve the problem of back pain and supply a more comfortable seat.
  • High Quality Material – It comprises a wide range of premium material so that you can use it for a long time. This is why we carefully select only the best materials for our products for longevity.
  • Multipurpose Appeal – A BTH Company Vipassana and Meditation Floor Chair with Cushion Back Support has so many uses, like meditation, gaming, reading, or relaxing etc.. Although It is an awesome gift for meditation, satsang or outdoor enthusiasts of all.
  • Best For Meditation – Meditation is a practice that anyone can participate in because you just need a calm space, your body, and your mind to start. For some people, the traditional practice of sitting on the floor to meditate might not be possible because of physical restrictions. This chair can be use by them.
  • Match The Meditation Chair Color with Your Room – This meditation floor chair can easily match the decor of your meditation room, living room, or bedroom.


Product Description


The best way to relax is Meditation, Our product provides you the the basic ethic to do Meditation i.e. its offers excellent spinal support and helps you to focus.When you sit in it you should feel relaxed; not tired, not lazy, but comfortable and focused.When you sit for hours on end, you can gravely injure your spine. And if you think that this has already started to happen, you need to make some changes. As is often said by many meditation teachers, such as Andy Puddicombe of Head space, sitting in the proper position is essential for good practice which we will do our best to give.


Do best to teach other Best. The best guide to teach is to have proper required things,

As our company Aim to provide you the best tool for meditation and yoga with a premium comfort for long stay and better feel. The basic flaw in meditation is irritation of being not sit properly.

Through hip support you can fell free to do it very easily and make concentration to relax




Support that provides you the comfort which makes you sit easily for long run. put it below for a better positioning and posture. A premium quality fabric with soft cushion that gives you better results and cushion for pain free relaxation.






A Good quality product is a product which have appropriate dimensions so that the user can use it properly, dimension is key for the Ergonomics structure,

this unique design can be used by a kid to an old without any disturbance.

  • Dimensions – 61cm* 62cm * 45cm








This chair allows a complete 90 degree position to an individual for proper usage of this product,As the main meditation and yoga is done in an appropriate position which tend the individual to make out easily. This 90 degree allows you spinal an excellent support and help you to Focus.

Product Specifications

  • Extra Cushion of 2 inch
  • Cushion Back Support
  • Meditation Chair is Foldable
  • Easy to Carry
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 71.4 × 55.19 × 25.1 cm

7 reviews for BTH Company Vipassana and Meditation Floor Chair with Cushion Back Support | Folding Floor Meditation Chair for Adults | Yoga Chair

  1. Expert product critique

    A great support for lazy meditators.

    I suffer from ankle sprain in my left leg and sitting in cross legged position while meditating became unbearable. This meditation chair with its extra cushion made meditating an easier task for me. Though the package looked damaged, the product remained unharmed. The build is sturdy enough to withstand elastic stresses. It can support all people who have trouble keeping their spine unbent, their legs crossed but are not overweight.

  2. Jyoti Bakshi

    Meditation chair

    Five stars from every angle. probably this is my best purchase so far . I am writing after doing meditation. I have experienced the same comfort at Osho Pune ashram and since then I wanted to have that kind of chair. It has additional benefit of back support

  3. Mausamee

    Just perfect!

    I bought the meditation chair for my Guruji for him to use during his long lectures and satsang sessions. His comfort and happiness adds to my happiness.
    The size of the chair is fantastic plus the accessories are a real bonus and helps in managing a wide variety of postures with ease. Highly recommended

  4. Devendra Naik

    100 % Satisfied
    I gave this chair to my father and he was extremely satisfied with his experience. He says he has never found something so good for back support. The seat is super size The seller is very professional and experienced . Highly recommend

  5. Anu Radha Banerjee

    Great buy
    Loved the chair.Truly gives good support & this is coming from someone who’s had spinal issues for 39 years

  6. Kamlesh Kumar

    Very nice
    Support back bone and value of money

  7. sharad

    Very Good product. Product same as image.

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