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Buy Backrest Online - Bth Adjustable Bed Backrest in Punjab
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BTH Company Adjustable Folding Bed Backrest, for Neck, Head Support with 8 Angle Adjustment Slots

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  • Easily Adjustable According to Your Convenience – This adjustable backrest is sturdy and intended to elevate and support the upper body at different angles. With this backrest, you can easily adjust your position to alternative heights from a low lying angle to an upright sitting position. It’s ideal for those persons who spend long periods while working and also for patients. This adjustable backrest converts any bed to a comfortable bed.
  • Comfortable Support for Your Body – This bed backrest is a quick and simple way to support users in a relaxing seated position on bed for reading, watching TV. You can adjust it easily from various angles at your convenience and use it directly without any support if it’s on the firm mattress or else simply place it under the mattress. This adjustable backrest is made with iron and has dimensions of 24x24x23 inches and a cushion thickness of about 3/4 inches with 8 angle adjustment slots.
  • Lightweight and Easy To Fold – It’s portable and easy to carry with you as it can be easily foldable. It promotes health by enhancing the quality of resting and sleep. It is portable and lightweight (weighs about 4.3 kg). You can easily fold, store, fix and remove to carry around. It comes with a weight-bearing capacity of about 90 kg and needs some solid support for this backrest to prevent it from sliding.
  • Ideal for All – This adjustable bed backrest is a multi-purpose adjustable bed backrest. It eliminates the need to stack pillows that constantly shift. This is an ergonomically designed product and helps to prevent wrong seating posture on any seat. It is ideal for relaxing, especially for patients, people who spend a lot of time in bed either due to injuries, illness, or mobility difficulties, and older people for comfortable resting.
  • Reduce The Pressure with High-Quality Material – You can easily reduce the pressure on your back by distributing weight more evenly when you find the perfect posture with this cushion made with Litlon and covered with Rexine fabrics. The back-cushion frame is made with CRCA tube finished with epoxy powder coated which makes it long-lasting.

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Product Description

Adjustable Bed Back Rest

Adjustable Back Rest is sturdy and adjustable, intended to elevate and support the upper body at a range of different angles when seated in bed. Its black cushion frame is made of Crca Tube finished with epoxy powder coated. This back support will make the bed complete and ready to assist in promoting better health for patients and older ones. Maintaining the body’s circulatory system in good condition through the night promotes the quality resting and sleep.


Easy To Adjust

It is easy to adjust for various angles as per the convenience. It is beneficial patients on hospital beds and the older ones for resting.

Ideal for Relaxing

This bed back is ideal for anyone relaxing in bed or who spends a lot of time in bed due to illness, mobility difficulties or injury.

Multi-Function Portable Folding Adjustable Sit-Up Back Rest – Angle of Backrest for Neck Head And Lumbar Support

Significance of Adjustable Backrest

The backrest for chair adds comfort and support while you sit on your daily working chair. It offers proper posture and maintains it for long hours. It can reduce the risk of back pain and neck pressure. It supports the natural curve of the spine, and the seat provides enough depth to support your lower back fully and reduces back pain. This ergonomic backrest provides support to different regions of your body and prevents back pain.

Buy Bth Company Adjustable Bed Back Rest Online in India | Punjab

Weight 5.100 kg
Dimensions 61 × 61 × 11 cm

22 reviews for BTH Company Adjustable Folding Bed Backrest, for Neck, Head Support with 8 Angle Adjustment Slots

  1. roop jotsingh

    A very useful product especially for bedridden patients
    A very useful product especially for bedridden patients. It could be used at various reclining positions depending on requirement

  2. Shirodkar

    A very useful product especially for bedridden patients

    A very useful product especially for bedridden patients. It could be used at various reclining positions depending on requirement

  3. Ashlyn

    Excellent product
    Loved the product.bought it for my dad and its quite helpful when he wants to just sit in bed.

  4. Sam

    Stong and sturdy. It needs wall support of course

    Got for my aging mother.Stong and sturdy.It needs wall support of course.But good fr aging and frail persons.

  5. Vishakha Singh

    Durable and satisfied

    Bought it for my father in law as he has problem in sitting without support. It was really very helpful. Needed to out a soft and fluffy cover to make sure it didn’t hurt as his body is too fragile coz of sturdiness. Overall helpful.

  6. Shiv Chandra Prasad


    Very comfortable and easy to use

  7. paramesh

    Must buy for bedridden patients.

    This has made our life as care givers so so so much easier. A well thought out design and product. Very useful !


    Very helpful

    A very gud product for those who have bedridden patients at home and cannot afford or don’t have space for patient bed. Makes it easier to move patient for feed, sitting etc. I will thank the manufacturer who have thought of difficulties of bedridden patients and made our lives a little bit hassle-free. Thanks alot and keep on inventing more products like these.

  9. Abhishek

    Strong, study and economical product.

    Excellent product. Strong and sturdy.Arrived on time. No damage. Economical compared to hospital medical beds.Strongly recommended for all bed-ridden patients. Go ahead and purchase without any doubts.

  10. Bhuboneswar Ghosh

    Excellent design for maximum comfort
    Excellent design for comfortable back support .. a must for every household .. ideal for adjusting to correct posture for viewing TV from bed without neck pain

  11. Sikander Jasrotia

    Helpful product
    Very good product my father was handicap. He uses this spotter from last 4,5 months and very helpful for back bone. He is very happy with this spotter

  12. Raghavendra

    Comfortable and multipurpose
    This product is sturdy, can be cleaned easily by washing. This backrest can be used for regular use on the bed, also on the floor. This is surely a handy back rest tool for multiple purposes.

  13. yunus shah

    Good product
    Booked the item for my wife for feeding baby with support as she was suffering from back pain.It is good. Comfortable.
    Thank you bth company

  14. Samiran Ghosh

    Best in class of all that I tried..
    Very good product
    Easy to install easy to fold and faults very lightweight can be used on any kind of surface due to additional gripping overall value for money

  15. Nilesh Shastri

    Good useful product especially for patients
    Good useful product especially for patients

  16. Dr Neeraj Raj

    Sturdy, Comfortable and Convenient

    I bought this as a support for someone who has Parkinson’s and is now bed ridden. While it is light weight, it is sturdy and what I liked was that it has many slots to keep him propped up at any angle that he feels comfortable at. Overall a nice product and so far, not much wear and tear also.


    Relaxing posture

    Very good product for everyday use. You can use it while reading or watching television. Very good comfort.

  18. Sunil Joshi

    For those who have suffering from bed soarce

    Good product for those suffering from bed soarce at affordable prices range without any problem,for backrest keeping it on our household bed/cot.

  19. Sreela Basu

    Not useful for people with Knee Surgery.

    I’ve had both Total Knee Replacement surgery. I thought it would help me to sit up.But it has ben lying unused.I ordered for it on 23rd December and have not bèen able to use it.Would it be possible for me to return it.It is Slippery and uncomfortable to use.Not of any use to me.

  20. swapnil

    the material for back must be more sturdy/strong, all other is good; my son is using for schooling for since last 2 months, working nice.

  21. Surya Prakash Mall

    Good for online classes

    Good for my 10yr Son who uses it for taking online classes so can’t tell abt medical uses.

  22. Milind Gade

    Superb product
    Absolutely superb product and value for money …. recommended to all buyers

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